Frequently Asked Questions

What do you specialise in?

Whilst historically we would have said we specialised in ballet, we would now proudly claim to offer specialised teaching in all genres. We encourage all students to take ballet, as it provides the foundations for all other genres of dance. To see which classes we offer, please visit our Classes page.

How many students per class?

Class sizes vary from around 6 to 18 students. If we feel a class is too large, it will be split across two studios into two separate classes, each with a different teacher. Private coaching can also be arranged, subject to teacher availability.

At what age can my child start?

We welcome boys and girls from the age of two in our Nursery classes. However we do also offer a parent and child class for children from aged 9 months.

What should I wear for a trial class?

For ballet, you should wear a leotard, ballet shoes (if you have them), ballet socks or tights and hair should be in a neat, secure bun. For other dance genres, you should wear a leotard, leggings or tights and appropriate shoes.

What are festivals?

Dance festivals are national competitions run by All England Dance, where pupils compete against other dancers of the same age from other dance schools. Pupils are selected by the school principals to compete in group dances, trios, duets or solos. 

What are the term dates for this year?

Please visit our Timetable page to find updated term dates.

Do you do a show?

All pupils of the school are invited to perform in our biennial show which is held in the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in Woking. Please take a look at our Gallery page to see some of our past shows.

Do you have a school uniform and where can I buy it?

Please scroll to the bottom of our Join Us page to find our school's uniform. School Uniform can be obtained from our wardrobe Mistress Edwina Farrow.  Edwina is very happy to offer advice and answer queries.



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