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Term dates are as follows:

Students in class

Autumn term 2018

RAD Exam dates 13th, 14th and 15th December 2018

Spring term 2019

RAD Exam dates 5th and 6th April 2019


The class timetable is as follows:


Day Class Time Location
MondayGrade 2 Ballet4:45 - 5:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
MondayGrade 3 Ballet5:45 - 6:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
MondayAdvance 2 Ballet6:30 - 7:45Arden Cottage
MondayGrade 4 Ballet6:45 - 7:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
MondayAdvance 1 Ballet7:30 - 9:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
TuesdayGrade 1 Ballet4:30 - 5:30St Dunstan's School
TuesdayGrade 2 Ballet5:30 - 6:30St Dunstan's School
TuesdayGrade 3 Ballet6:30 - 7:30St Dunstan's School
TuesdayGrade 4 Ballet7:30 - 8:30St Dunstan's School
WednesdayGrade 6 Ballet5:30 - 6:30St Dunstan's School
WednesdayGrade 7 Ballet6:30 - 7:30St Dunstan's School
WednesdayGrade 8 Ballet7:30 - 8:30St Dunstan's School
ThursdayJunior Ballet Coaching4:30 - 5:35Byfleet Methodist Hall
ThursdayIntermediate Ballet Coaching5:30 - 6:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
ThursdaySenior Ballet Coaching6:45 - 8:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
ThursdayNursery Ballet4:00 - 4:30Mayford Village Hall
ThursdayPre-Primary Ballet4:30 - 5:15Mayford Village Hall
ThursdayPrimary Ballet5:15 - 6:15Mayford Village Hall
FridayGrade 1 Ballet4:15 - 5:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
FridayInter-Foundation Ballet5:15 - 6:30Byfleet Methodist Hall
FridayIntermediate Ballet6:30 - 7:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
FridayAdvanced Coaching7:45 - 9:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayPrimary Ballet9:00 - 10:00Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayGrade 6 Ballet9:00 - 10:00Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Svetlana Studio
SaturdayPre-Primary Ballet10:00 - 10:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayNursery Ballet10:45 - 11:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayIntermediate11:15 - 12:30Arden Cottage
SaturdayGrade 5 Ballet11:20 - 12:30Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayInter-Foundation Ballet12:30 - 1:45Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayAdvanced 1 Ballet1:45 - 3:05Byfleet Methodist Hall
SaturdayAdvanced 2 Ballet3:05 - 4:30Byfleet Methodist Hall

Jazz, Tap, Modern and Musical Theatre

Day Class Time Location
WednesdayGrade 3 Modern5:15 - 6:00Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
WednesdayGrade 4 Tap6:00 - 6:45Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
WednesdayGrade 4 Modern6:45 - 7:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Svetlana Studio
ThursdayJazz Coaching Juniors5:35 - 6:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Svetlana Studio
ThursdayJazz Coaching Inter7:00 - 8:00Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Svetlana Studio
ThursdayJazz Coaching Seniors8:15 - 9:15Byfleet Methodist Hall
ThursdayMusical Theatre4:30 - 5:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayInter Foundation Modern4:30 - 5:15Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayJunior Tap Coaching5:15 - 6:00Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayGrade 2 Tap6:00 - 6:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayGrade 2 Modern6:30 - 7:00Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayGrade 5 Modern7:00 - 7:45Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
FridayGrade 5 Tap7:45 - 8:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room
SaturdayAdvanced 1 Tap9:00 - 9:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room (1)
SaturdayGrade 1 Tap9:45 - 10:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room (1)
SaturdayGrade 1 Modern10:30 - 11:15Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room (1)
SaturdayPrivate/Festival work11:15 - 12:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room (1)
SaturdayInter Modern12:30 - 1:30Byfleet Methodist Hall,
Guild Room (1)


  1. Saturdays 29th September, 13th October, 10th November and 1st December 2018, Tap and Modern will be at Karina’s Studio - 108 Dartnell Park Road, West Byfleet KT14 6QD
    We would politely request that you park considerately when dropping/ picking up your children and please ensure that the side gate and the gate in the garden leading to the studio are closed behind you - Thank you


Classes are held at a number of different locations:

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